Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A new article published today in Clinical Cancer Research says that two men "developed aggressive and incurable prostate cancer within months of taking the same supplement." The doctors examined the supplement and discovered it contained testosterone and estradiol, and "when they tested it on tumor cells in the lab, they found it fueled the growth of prostate cancer cells more potently than testosterone alone." Either don't take herbal/hormonal dietary supplements, they urge, or make sure you fully disclose to your doctor what you're taking.

>>How utterly irresponsible not to release the name of the product.
Exactly, I agree.

Centrum and One a day are synthetic garbage that your body cannot use.
Take a real whole food supplement like "Alive"
from Nature's Way. Take it for a year, and you be the judge.
Sure there are shady companies everywhere, but why would you not study the companies who make products for safety and efficacy.

>>why would I need 1333% percent daily value of ANYTHING?
Well, if you worked in a laboratory that did thousands of test on patient blood and urine samples BEFORE any supplements and AFTER, you would see that some people need 10x to 1000x as much of a mineral or vitamin or amino acid than someone else. This is no fallacy. This is science. State of the art labs.
Varro Tyler wrote "The Honest Herbal" and "Herbs of Choice" books. He was a world recognized Doctor of Pharmacy from Purdue University.
Tyler was the author of more than 30 books and 350 scientific and educational articles. He had a 30-year career at Purdue University, located here, serving as the dean of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences and as the Lilly Distinguished Professor of Pharmacognosy.

There is a lot of garbage out there.
Calcium Carbonate is chalk...
Vitamin E , most comes from Eastman Kodak, as they do film processing using soybean oil, they sell the Alpha vitamin E. Problem is you body needs mixed tocopherols... alpha,beta,delta,gamma ...
Vitamin C in form of Ester C is garbage.

Should it is unregulated, but I don't want doctors being the ones prescribing vitamins as your choice will be synthetic garbage. By the way, 50% of medical schools only require medical students to take 1 nutrition class. Pharmaceutical companies are funding the medical schools. The FDA receives 80% of its funding for testing safety of efficacy on drugs from the pharmaceutical companies.

Also Glucosamine HCL (Hydrochloride) is garbage, while Glucosamine Sulfate is good.

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